Bethany Creek Trail Upgrade

Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation Department

The Bethany Creek Trail #2 - Segment 3 was transformed from a single track dirt lane into a beautifully paved double lane walking and riding trail.

2020 | Washington County, OR


Washington County Public Works

Upgrade and expand existing trail to accommodate ADA needs and pedestrian volume.    

2019 | Washington County, OR


Waterhouse Trail

Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation

Removed and replaced 3 failing culverts. Increased capacity and fish habitat.    

2019 | Beaverton, OR


Water Quality Facilities

City of Hillsboro

Rehabilitat existing stormwater facilities.    

2019 | Hillsboro, OR


Road Slide Repair

Washington County

Remove slide debris, place rip-rap and boulders. Erosion control and slope protection.

2019 | Scoggins Valley Rd, Gaston, OR


Sidewalk Infill

City of Tigard

Improve drainage features, install concrete access ramps, place pervious concrete sidewalks, erosion control, install RRFB and crosswalk. Landscape trees and topsoil placement.

2016 | Tigard, OR

Bridge Replacement

Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation

Remove existing bridge and replace with new bridge. Clearing, grubbing, excavation, embankment, restoration of surfaces and paving.

2015 | Tualatin, OR

Bus Yard Expansion

Hillsboro School District

50,000 sf parking lot expansion and 22,000 sf parking lot repair. Install storm drainage pipe and structures.

2015 | Hillsboro, OR

Clearing, Grading & Wall


Clearing and grading of wall & yard.

2015 | Banks, OR

Road Drainage

Washington County

Remove two existing culverts and install new large culverts, place streambed materials, slope protection, stream diversion and erosion control.

2015 | Gaston, OR

Slope Management & Terracing

Tom & Sue Linkhart

Terraced yard with boulder walls.

2014 | Gaston, OR

Rock Raking & Removal Prep


Rock raking & removal for vineyard.

2013 | Sonoma County, CA

Clearing & Burning Prep


Clearing & burning for vineyard preparation.

2013 | Sonoma County, CA

Camp Adair Simulation Building

Oregon Military Department

Re-build access roads, excavate new building site, and build new parking lot for simulation building.

2013 | Corvallis, OR

Knights Bridge Substation

Canby Utility

Construct new electrical substation including all underground conduits, vaults, concrete foundations, grounding, and surface rock.

2013 | Canby, OR

Walnut Substation Transformer Containment

McMinnville Power & Water

Remove old transformer base and install new concrete base and spill containment.

2012 | McMinnville, OR

Road & Parking Improvements

Fort Stevens State Park

Remove part of existing parking lot and restore to grass. Grade and re-pave existing access road and parking lot. Install curbs and striping.

2012 | Warrenton, OR

Volmer/Johnson Creek Bridges

ODOT - Subcontractor to Hamilton Construction

Clearing, grading, site drainage, bridge abutment work. Stream diversion and dewatering.

2011 | Seaside, OR

Tillamook Airport Fence/Drain

Port of Tillamook Bay

Grade swale and berm to divert water off of runway and hangar area. Road construction and paving.

2011 | Tillamook, OR

Salmonberry Road Clearing


Tree removal in preparation of road widening project.

2010 | Seaside, OR

Stormwater Treatment Vault

City of Hillsboro

Clearing, grading, site drainage, bridge abutment work. Stream diversion and dewatering.

2009 | Hillsboro, OR